Yorkshire First

Putting Yorkshire First

Yorkshire has a larger population than Scotland and an economy twice the size of Wales, but with the powers of neither. We support the devolving of powers to the least centralised authority capable of addressing those matters effectively – within Yorkshire, the United Kingdom and Europe.

The Region should come before party interest every time.

Issues and possible solutions should be judged on its benefit to Yorkshire, it’s folk, environment and economy. Neither Left nor Right, put Yorkshire First.

We support a voice for the region.
A Yorkshire Parliament: Yes – Independence: No

Where is the voice for Yorkshire? We have 22 councils* but no unified voice. We have LEPs, City Regions, but little say on matters that affect the region. When Yorkshire speaks with one voice we can win. Welcome to Yorkshire being a great example. But where else?

There is nowhere else.

  • Local & Regional government first
  • National & European where necessary and beneficial

*Note that there are 22 councils in our region of Yorkshire & Humber, with two of those in the traditional county of Lincolnshire. We have only one county council that covers only North Yorkshire